Claire Parfitt, University of Sydney

I was deeply grateful to receive a postgraduate scholarship to attend TASA’s 2018 conference in Melbourne. I would not have been able to attend the conference without this financial support and I am very glad that I have been able to do so, given the great value I find in participating in TASA.

I have been involved in TASA for several years, primarily working with the Sociology of Economic Life and the Work, Employment and Social Movements groups. I have found TASA to be a rewarding and encouraging space in which to develop my academic work and to build relationships with other sociologists, academics and activists / practitioners. Both at the annual conference and at other events or moments throughout the year, I have had opportunities to develop my skills in oral presentation, drafting papers for publication, coordinating and editing publications, organising events and undertaking administrative roles within TASA.

I am nearing the completion of my doctoral work into the treatment of ethics as financial risks in the course of investment decision-making. My work examines the relationships between ethics, risk and value (both economically and sociologically conceived), and considers social and political consequences of transforming ethical debates into questions of financial risk, through the prism of profit-making.

As I edge towards the end of my PhD process and think ahead, I feel very fortunate to have had such great mentoring and support from TASA. I look forward to continuing to build my relationships with colleagues through the organisation and to growing the impact of economic sociology.

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