Roger Wilkinson, Digital Publications Editor:

This edition of Nexus reports on a number of TASA’s Thematic Group events. Michell Peterie and Deb King report on the Sociology of Emotions and Affect TG’s recent “Political emotions” conference. Part 2 of the report by postgraduates Phillipa Bellemore and Bircan Ciytak concludes by stating “We left this conference feeling nourished, hopeful and inspired …”.

The Critical Disability Studies and the Sociology of Indigenous Issues TG’s recently held their combined two-day event on ‘Social suffering in the neoliberal age’. Reading through the report, I can only say that Sociology, and by inference, TASA, shows a vibrance in its ability to take contemporary issues and see through the neoliberal language that is all too common across the political and social spectrum.

The TASA Sociology and Animals TG report on ‘Being-with and being-for animals’ focuses on human-animal interaction. Bringing together participants from across Australia, and discussing research from across the globe, the symposium indicates the strengthening of interest in this area.

Thematic groups are a vital component of TASA. As TASA transitions to its new website, it is opportune to talk about a key benefit. Over the past few years, the Thematic Groups have become a popular avenue for TASA members to develop contacts with liked-minded people and discuss ideas with scholars who specialise in a particular area. TGs also allow PhD students to make contact and network with peers. It is hoped that the new website will give a boost to the Thematic Group concept by making it easier for convenors to set up their micro-sites with greater freedom and ease than is possible with the existing website.

Bruce Curtis in ‘Southern Notes’ discusses his recent trip to Christchurch in the context of seemingly never finished restoration of the city after the earthquake of years ago and the most recent mass murder of Muslims. He argues that ‘disaster capitalism’ is a concept that comes readily to mind as one traverses the terrain of the city.

As digital publications editor for TASA, I would love to hear from you about how Thematic Groups ‘work’ for you. You are welcome to email me in the first instance with suggestions, ideas, and questions for Nexus and TASA to pursue in the future.

In the future, I would like to pursue a number of issues which TASA members have mentioned. These include: Infographics in research and teaching; the pursuit of ‘digital storytelling’; the use of ‘accessibility’ improvements in apps and software (such as the ability of PowerPoint to provide real-time ‘closed captioning’. I would like to hear from TASA members who are engaging in any of these activities or would like to engage in these activities.



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