Ly Phan – TASA 2015 Postgraduate Conference Scholarship Report

TASA 2015 Postgraduate Conference Scholarship Report Awarded to Ly Phan, University of Sydney:

It was my great honour to receive a TASA Postgraduate Conference Scholarship to attend the TASA Annual Conference in Cairns, November 2015. The scholarship gave me the opportunity to present my work to the most intellectual audience in the field and receive extremely helpful feedback on my research, especially now I am in the final months of my PhD. I am finishing my thesis on how women’s empowerment affects fertility preferences of Southeast Asian women, using a quantitative approach.

While attending TASA, I met many brilliant postgraduate students and scholars, and had so many inspiring conversations with them. My session on Families, Relationships and Gender was so lively with presenters from a wide range of topics, from gender expression, to women’s empowerment, motherhood in transition and female genital fashioning practices. We had immensely engaging discussions between the presenters and the audience, and of course giggles and laughter. Without the support from the TASA Postgraduate Scholarship, none of the enriching experience would have happened for me.

Attending the conference was an unforgettable memory, it definitely adds to the list of so many fulfilling experiences that I have had during my education. Needless to say, Cairns was such a great place to visit and I managed to enjoy a day on the Great Barrier Reef, which is without doubt the best post-conference excursion ever!



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