ORCID and KUDOS: Two tools for authors

Eileen Clark, Clarks Clerks:

We are all familiar with doi (digital object identifier) codes used to identify and distinguish journal articles, and ISBN numbers in books. In a similar way, authors can now get a personal identifier. The ORCID number is a unique, persistent digital identifier (similar in format to a credit card number) that distinguishes an author from every other person who may be publishing. The ORCID identifier can be used on article submissions, grant applications, personal websites etc., and can be linked to other listings such as LinkedIn. It costs nothing to get an ORCID identifier and the process is quick and easy.

After getting an article published, authors are now expected to show that their research is reaching a wide audience. Social media tools are one way of doing this, and KUDOS is another. KUDOS is a free service that enables researchers to broaden their readership and increase the impact of their research. It enables them to explain their work in plain language and to enrich it through links to related material. It also provides a full round-up of the metrics, including social media mentions, for each publication.


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