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Ashleigh Watson, Griffith University:

Building on the successes of the Postgraduate Portfolio under the previous portfolio leader Christina Malatzky and with the postgraduate sub-committee, I have been working this year to extend the services that TASA offers postgraduates and better address current postgraduate needs. We have reflected on our online engagement and explored expanding the Postgraduate site. So far this year, we have launched two new spaces – our Featured Member Profiles, and a dedicated Twitter account.

In our Featured Member Profiles, blog editor Zoei Sutton asks current postgraduate TASA members five questions about themselves, their research, and what they’ve learnt from their postgraduate journey so far. You can read our published profiles at If you’d like to be featured, please get in touch at

Twitter is a great space for academic chat, conference updates, finding out about study and work opportunities, and for staying in contact with other TASA members. Ben Lohmeyer is our resident tweeter and he’ll keep you up to date with everything you need to know about TASA and Australian sociology @TASApostgrads.

We are continuing to run our Thesis Snapshots, a list of postgraduate project abstracts which we group under research areas. If you haven’t submitted a Thesis Snapshot or you’d like to update an existing abstract, can get in touch with our thesis snapshot manager Josie Reade via We are also continuing to run our resources section of the postgraduate website. If you have any questions about our resources section or if you have anything we can add please contact our resources manager Milovan Savic via

Another major development this year has been a revamp of the Postgraduate Conference Scholarship Fund for next year and beyond. Previously (and including this year), the award has been judged based on the submission of a full refereed conference paper to the annual TASA conference. From 2018 the Conference Scholarship Fund will instead be judged from an accepted sole-authored abstract to the annual TASA conference, and a nomination form including a statement which outlines the significance of your research to the conference theme and the contribution your research makes to Australian sociology. As well as including conference registration and a travel contribution for winners outside the conference host city, the award prize will also include a small group mentoring session with senior academics at the annual conference. This session will focus on developing the winning abstracts (and conference papers) into publishable journal articles. I feel these changes are important to align the award with the current publishing expectations postgraduates face, and hope members agree these changes will make the award even more beneficial to each of the future winners. Please note these changes take effect from 2018.

The 2017 Postgraduate Conference Scholarship Fund is still open – applications will close on September 11th. Don’t forget to submit your award application before this date at

Finally, we are quickly approaching the highlight of our Postgraduate Portfolio calendar: the annual Postgraduate Day. This will be held on November 27th, the Monday preceding the main annual TASA conference. The day will feature talks by professional sociologists working inside and outside universities, and will again include small group mentoring sessions with senior TASA members. This year will also be tailored to early and late stage PhD candidates – afternoon sessions will be split into two streams, with sessions covering postgraduate study topics and practical teaching tips as well as post-PhD publication and work advice. Speakers for each session have been confirmed and a program will be available on the postgraduate website soon.

Over the coming months, we will be looking into other events and resources TASA can help provide postgraduate members including research methods training and publication workshops.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the Postgraduate Portfolio please don’t hesitate to contact me via


Ashleigh Watson

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